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Son Bou Scuba is a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort/BSAC Resort Centre and dive shop under Dutch/German management. The centre is centrally located on Menorca’s south coast, and thus offers the opportunity to dive dive sites all over the island, regardless of wind direction.

Menorca offers excellent diving conditions with average 30-meter visibility and 27° warm water in July & August. Breathtaking caves such as Pont d’en Gil, Swiss Cheese, La Catedral, Moon Pool and the Belltower are waiting to be discovered by you, as well as a selection of wrecks such as the Ocean Diver, the Malakoff and the Général Chanzy. For those who prefer the underwater scenery and marine life, we offer boat dives to the underwater reserve on Menorca’s north coast and other coves. Here you can see large groupers and groups of barracuda, among others.

For beginners, we organize daily “Discover Scuba” dives in the sea – for ages 10 and up! ‘Discover Scuba’ dives are not done by boat but from the shore, allowing you to get used to this new environment at your leisure. A “Discover Scuba” group consists of up to 4 participants with their own instructor, ensuring your safety and fun!

At Son Bou Scuba, our staff and Divemasters-in-training are carefully chosen. Our team consists of highly experienced divers and instructors with a passion for diving. Meet the team you will be diving with here in advance. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Personal data

Nationality: German


Yoga, trailrunning, reading, hiking, traveling.


After Muriel finished her studies as a translator French – English in 1992, she worked for 4 years in the tourism sector. She started as a tour guide at a large German travel agency, then she ran a travel agency in Bonn, Germany for 2 years.

During a stay in the Maldives, Muriel started diving and she was immediately excited. Back in Germany, she continued her diving training.

In 1996 Muriel received the offer, to join a diving school in the Maldives as a full-time diving instructor and she decided, to take it.

Diving qualifications

  • Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Specialty Instructor in 12 specialties, incl. EANx, Digital UW-Photography and Wreck
  • Emergency First Response Instructor

  • Advanced Open Water Instructor
  • Specialty Instructor in 6 specialties
  • EANx Instructor
  • Gold 500 Instructor

  • Oxygen First Aid Instructor

More than 1,350 certifications issued
Over 7850 logged dives


Personal data

Nationality: Dutch


Ultra-running, scuba diving, UW-archaeology, reading, hiking, traveling.


Joop started diving in 1982, but did not dive much after his certification. He completed his military service in 1984, then signed on as a professional soldier until 1990 and worked as a photographer during that time. He spent six months of his military service with the Multinational Force & Observers (MFO) on the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt, where he became interested in diving again.

From 1990 – 1996, Joop studied at the Academy of Journalism in Tilburg. During his studies, he had the opportunity several times, working 3-4 months a year at a diving school in the Maldives.

After his studies, an offer to work as a full-time diving instructor in the Maldives followed. With a desk job as an alternative, he decided to make scuba diving his profession.

From 2012 to 2015, Joop studied maritime archaeology at Syddansk Universitet in Denmark. Training as a commercial diver was part of the curriculum.

Diving qualifications

  • Master Instructor & IDC Staff Instructor
  • Specialty Instructor in 30 specialties, incl. cavern, sidemount and Dräger Dolphin rebreather
  • Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer

  • Instructor Trainer & Certifier
  • Specialty Instructor Trainer in 16 specialties, incl. EANx
  • Platinum 1000 Instructor

  • Oxygen First Aid Instructor Trainer

  • Course Director (International Association for Handicapped Divers).

  • Advanced Instructor

  • 3-Star Instructor

  • Intro to Cave Instructor
  • Technical Cave Diver

  • NACD-NSS Full Cave Diver

  • Advanced Trimix Diver
  • Trimix Gas Blender
  • Dräger Dolphin/Ray SCR Instructor
  • Instructor OC Decompression EANx
  • Instructor OC Technical EANx
  • Instructor OC Level I (Trimix)
  • Instructor APD Inspiration Classic & Vision CCR (EANx)
  • Instructor APD Evolution CCR (EANx)
  • ISC Megalodon CCR Diver (Trimix)

More than 1,450 certifications issued
Over 9950 logged dives


Personal data

Nationality: English


Travel, yoga, reading.


Katie was born in England, but grew up in Menorca. During the last 10 years, she has lived in France, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. She has since returned to Menorca.

Katie did her Open Water course with Son Bou Scuba in the summer of 2013. In the following years, she continued her dive training in various locations around the world. In the spring of 2017, she did her Divemaster training at Son Bou Scuba.

In 2018, Katie passed her PADI instructor exam and has since joined Son Bou Scuba as an instructor.

Diving qualifications

  • IDC Staff Instructor
  • Emergency First Response Instructor
  • Specialty Instructor in EANx and Emergency Oxygen Provider

More than 80 certifications issued
Over 450 logged dives

ROBBIN (Japie)

Personal data

Nationality: Dutch


Playing the trumpet, scuba diving, traveling, camping, hiking.


At age 11, Robbin was introduced to scuba diving after which he completed his PADI Sealteam. Since his Open Water certification, he has been diving fanatically in the Netherlands, as well as abroad. When Robbin is not diving, he works as a high school biology teacher. In 2019, he obtained his PADI Divemaster and then worked his first season at Son Bou Scuba. In 2020 Robbin successfully completed the PADI Instructor Course and became a MSDT at Son Bou Scuba in the same year.

Diving qualifications

  • Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Emergency Oxygen Instructor

More than 67 certifications issued
Over 600 logged dives


Personal data

Nationality: Dutch


Diving, cycling.


In 1986, Roelof began diving in the Netherlands. He then dived in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and in Southeast Asia. In 2012, Roelof did his PADI instructor training in the Maldives.

Roelof works in the Netherlands as an independent auditor and controller, alternating this job a few months a year as a diving instructor. He worked in the Netherlands, Bonaire and Menorca, among other places.

Diving qualifications

  • Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Specialty Instructor in 6 specialties incl. EANx, Digital Underwater Photographer and Diver Propulsion Vehicle
  • Emergency First Response Instructor

  • Dive Control Specialist
  • Century Instructor

More than 85 certifications issued
Over 850 logged dives

PADI Divemaster candidates wanted!

Are you a PADI Rescue diver and would like to become a Divemaster? Then this is your chance to do your training with the help of experienced PADI instructors. No role-playing or a weekend course, but gaining experience directly in practice. As a PADI Divemaster with work experience, you can work virtually anywhere in the world. Son Bou Scuba wants to offer divers with a sense of responsibility and leadership qualities, the opportunity to do a practical Divemaster course.

What we want: Besides Dutch, you are fluent in English, German or Spanish (Spanish is a plus) and you have a friendly and professional attitude. The training lasts 8 to 12 weeks and is done in July, August or September.

What we offer: the right candidate will receive free training to become a PADI Divemaster, in exchange for diving and working in the diving school. After your training, you can do PADI specialty courses at cost such as “Dolphin rebreather diver,” “Nitrox” and “cave diver,” for example. We provide lodging and you get a percentage of the courses you sell. This is a “win-win” situation for both, because you not only get your certification as a PADI Divemaster and gain work experience immediately, but you also get a reference to help you on your way in your further diving career.
Interested? If so, please contact us at: info@sonbouscuba.com

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